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We have successfully completed over 10,000 K visa and marriage visa petitions. Only one other firm has comparable numbers. None of the other firms is even close. What’s more, our total number of K-1, K-2, I-130 K-3, K-4 and other fiancée and marriage related visas (Adjustment of Status petitions, travel documents, work authorizations, tourist visas for current and former K-1 clients) exceeds 13,000, and leads the field. Furthermore, because our firm practices in these other marriage related fields (unlike the “K-1 & K-3 Only” firms), you won’t have to go shopping for another immigration law firm after you marry your fiancée and need to get her a green card, or want to invite your mother-in-law to the wedding on a tourist visa.

Fastest Service

Controlling the case from start to finish allows our office to reduce to an absolute minimum the amount of time waiting for a visa. We typically get fiancées into the Embassy/Consulate for the interview months sooner than the embassies’ quoted waiting times. Our entire office is organized around the principle that every day is precious in reuniting our clients with their loved ones. All of our office functions are faster and more reliable thanks to a unique custom-designed K1 visa case management program developed by John Roth over the last 15 years. In addition, all our office techniques and technologies have been refined over our 20+ years in the K-1 field to offer our clients the most efficient possible progress through the visa acquisition process.

Most Support

We believe that the client deserves the highest level of professional legal service for their attorney fee. We don’t just prepare the USCIS petition for you, we also manage the case during the far trickier Embassy/Consular phase, where the fiancée or spouse is preparing for a live and potentially difficult interview. In our experience, the Embassy/Consular phase is where most potential problems with the visa arise.

We strive to minimize, for both the client and fiancée, the time spent, the aggravation, and the worry at a sensitive time in their lives when they are more concerned about preparing for the start of their new life together than about fighting government bureaucracies. We are keenly aware that fiancées in particular are typically very nervous while awaiting their visa (due to their own experiences with bureaucracies, and the horror stories they have often heard from their countrymen who have attempted to get a U.S. visa). Thus, the fiancée is not left to “fend for herself” once the USCIS has approved the petition and the U.S. Embassy has taken charge of the case. All the fiancée’s embassy documents are prepared in our U.S. office. More important, we stay actively involved with the fiancee through the Embassy phase until the visa is issued.

We control as much of the case as possible so as to drive the risk of denial of the visa down to “0”. Our experience with over 10,000 K-1 cases allows us to see problems long before you or a less-experienced attorney would, permitting us to resolve the problems long before they lead to heart-breaking disappointments and agonizing delays. Every petition in our office is reviewed with extreme care to ensure thorough issue-spotting and quality control. As a result, none of our office’s K1 visa petitions have been denied, and 95% of our clients’ fiancees have been approved on their first visit to the Embassy (and all were approved upon appeal). Compare this to initial turn down rates at some embassies that reach 50%. Literally thousands of couples have had to endure the disappointment of a visa refusal on the interview day. This is followed by something even worse – months of trying to pry the visa from a surly and unresponsive consular staff who seem to be accountable to no one. When you place your fiancee visa in our hands, you are entrusting your case to first-tier law firm with thousands of K-1 visas under his belt and who is deeply committed to making the visa process as fast and pain-free as possible for both client and fiancee.

Best Overseas Assistants

We long ago learned how relieved the fiancée is to know that a professionally trained representative of the law firm will be meeting her prior to the Embassy interview. The fiancée is going into a live interview in a U.S. consulate, often for the first time in her life, with her entire future hanging in the balance. That’s why we have invested a great deal of time and money in developing a team of overseas assistants (learn more about them here) to calm her, give her confidence, and prepare her to give her the very best chance of success. This service often results in our clients saving a substantial amount of money, too, because they don’t have to travel to the Embassy city to provide moral or other support for the fiancée as she awaits her interview (the fiancées often request this, but in virtually every case they have dropped the request once we have advised them that a more experienced assistant will be on hand to assist them).

Worldwide “Next Door” Service

Our U.S. clients are located all over the United States, and occasionally even overseas. Our office is specifically designed to allow us to easily and efficiently interact with our clients by telephone, e-mail, fax, and express mail. Our goal is to make every client feel like they are living right next door, no matter where in the country or the world they might be.
We have obtained Fiancee visas for citizens of over 120 countries located in every region of the world. Our extensive experience with embassies around the world, plus our commitment to providing all fiancées with the highest level of support, means that your fiancée, wherever he or she lives, will receive the utmost care and support.

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