Attorney Fees

Full Service*

We are not a discount law firm or a forms-filling service. Our fee is a direct reflection of our level of service, experience, time, and professionalism that we provide to each individual client. We offer sophisticated, beginning-to-end legal service with two lawyers, limiting our practice to 20 new cases per month, and charging a fair fee for top quality legal service.

BASIC FEES: K-1: $2000 | CR-1/IR-1: $2400  (China fees are different.  K-1: $2400 | CR-1/IR-1: $2800 )

Additional Charges: K-2 child of K-1 fiancee – $500 extra; Stepchild of CR-1/IR-1 spouse – $1200 extra

A La Carte Services

Instead of choosing our Full Service option, clients may choose from the individual services listed below.

1.  Visa Application Summary & Document Checklist:  $300

2.  USCIS Forms Preparation:  $250

3.  USCIS Petition Review:  $500

4.  Financial Review & Affidavit of Support Preparation:  $350

5.  NVC/Consulate/Embassy Forms Preparation:  $250

6.  Interview & Medical Exam Instructions (written form):  $400

7.  Attorney Interview Preparation (telephone or Skype):  $400

8.  Local Assistance Preparation (China, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine):  $200

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