Choosing your firm was the wisest decision I have ever made!"

I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for the great job you did in obtaining permanent residence status for my wife Tatyana. Everything went as smooth as anyone could expect. I was really impressed with the way you got results when the immigration office lost track of us. We received an approval notice three days after you filed a report with them, it was amazing. Please put me on your list of very satisfied clients. Choosing your firm was the wisest decision I have ever made! Thanks again.


Terry (MS) and Tatyana (USA)

Most of the other girls came out of the IV room exhausted and crying, with denials or requests for more evidence in their hands"

Your preparation of my fiancee was awesome! Jenny was scared to death before the Guangzhou interview and Laurie was so thorough and knowledgeable that all Jenny's fears fell away. She was CONFIDENT in the interview and it lasted just 5 MINUTES. Most of the other girls came out of the IV room exhausted and crying, with denials or requests for more evidence in their hands. Thanks so much John & Laurie for your masterful command of the visa process from beginning to end!!!!

Carl (TX) & Jenny (China)

...everything went on well and I am indebted to you for all the great efforts"

I know that Nathan called you yesterday as I had just got my Visa from the US Consulate in Casablanca, but I would also like to e-mail you and tell you about the details. You did a wonderful job and they didn't even have a look at the package that Nathan sent to me. The only documents that they requested were the Birth certificate, The Judicial Record and the Celibacy Certificate. They also requested the Med Examanination...that's all.

I am very happy that this process was successful. Thanks to you Gay Lynn, M. Eric Chapman and M. John Roth, everything went on well and I am indebted to you for all the great efforts you guys invested to assist us and make things easier.

Nathan (NC) and Naima (Morocco)

Everything went great with Lily and her K-1 and it was easily approved.... "

I just wanted to email both of you and thank you for your help in our case. Everything went great with Lily and her K-1 and it was easily approved.... Both boys were approved as well for Citizenship and Passports. It was important to have letter from Doctor as to when conception happened and my records showing I was there at that time. They gave approval to Samuel there to have Citizenship, but wrote DC for approval to have passport wtihout him actually present..they actually called the surgery doctor and we also had a letter which helped. Consular told me they usually don't play around much with children.

So all in all I got everything done as I wanted and on top of it Samuel seems to be doing better and got out of the hospital yesterday.

Thanks to both of you for your help. I know for sure I would not have had all necessary documents on my own in this case.

Roger (PA) and Oksana (Ukraine)

My previous attorney....never took the attention needed to follow up my case with the USCIS."

Thank you so much for your efforts and taking personal care with my k-1 visa petition. I know that i made the right choice in hiring your firm. My previous attorney that had initiated my petition since the begining never took the attention needed to follow up my case with the USCIS. I was dissappointed and That's when i made the decision in hiring Roth Immigration firm to take over the case. My case was difficult one for the reason that my first interview did not go well and i had started a new petition with my previous attorney. Overall it took a year for the USCIS to approved it., thanks to the help of your firm my interview went smoothly and happily to say that soon i'll be able to get marry. The service that i received deserve 5 stars everything from answering e-mails quickly and efficiently to preparing documents to be done on time.

Thank you again,


Carlos (NJ) and Mary Brainadette (Philippines)

Thank you immensely for the excellent support!"

Shiloh was approved today. Thank you immensely for the excellent support!

Dennis (TX) and Xiao (China)

You have made both Bill and I very Happy. I Will make sure that you receive pictures of our Wedding."

I went for my Interview at the U.S Embassy this morning. I Have been given a Yes and was wished Good Luck By the Embassy official.

My Visa should be through within 5 - 7 Days, Bill and I have discussed everything and we are planning for me to arrive in U.S the weekend of 16th July as long as I can get a flight.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you and Roth Immigration Law Firm for all the hard work that you have put in to our petition, Both Bill and I couldn't have achieved this with out your company. You have made both Bill and I very Happy.

I Will make sure that you receive pictures of our Wedding.

Thank You.

Bill (OK) and Shirley (United Kingdom)


Art (VA) and Anzhelika (Ukraine)

I am pleased to tell you that Anzhelika was approved for her Visa today in Kiev. I want to thank you for all of your efforts to make this possible. You were always available and responsive. I will highly recommend your firm at every opportunity.



Gary (FL) and Michel (Philippines)

VISA APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything went veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy smooth, I was allowed at the interview, interview was conducted by an AMERICAN. Only asked us 3 questions and said visa approved!!! Thank you and John for all your hard work, I always hire the best when I need help, you did not let me down!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to u later, Gary



Donald (CO) and Lyubov (Russia)


We have been happily married for 5 years 8 months and 8 days (but who’s counting). I often think about how helpful your service was for us. The way you assisted Liubasha in St Petersburg made the transition go smoothly for both of us. She was well prepared to come to America and to get thru all the embassy stuff. If I hadn’t engaged your services we might not be together today. We might not have even made it thru all the Embassy stuff! Thanks again.



Bill (ID) and Fengyun (China)

My wife, Fengyun was successful in getting a K-1 visa (thanks to you) and we were married in Boise Idaho on February 16, 2007. She just received her regular visa that is valid for 10 years until 2019. ..A basic principle of the American Justice system is that one is considered innocent of any charge or allegation until proven guilty. Not so with the Immigration System. One is assumed to be hiding something or guilty of a fraudulent relationship until one can prove otherwise. This assumption continues through the adjustment of status to remove the “conditional” from the visa. Just a month or two ago, I was asked to provide additional information(Income tax records, home and car purchase records, bank records, testimony from friends, etc) to prove that our marriage is real and our relationship genuine. The redundancy seems overkill.

I applaud you for trying to do something to improve the treatment of K-1 visa applicants. From my point of view, the problem is not limited to the Guangzhou Consulate or the K-1 visa. I wish you success and will be glad to provide the type of information that is in this email(and more) to my Congressman if you think it will do any good.



Franklin (CA) and Oksana (Ukraine)

I want to thank you personally for all your assistance in obtaining a visa for Oksana and her son. I am deeply indebted to you all. I want to especially thank two persons in particular. Ms. Gay Smith was extremely patient and helpful. I would have been lost without her! Also, your representative in Kiev, Sergei was very friendly and his help was timely and important. I was very impressed.



Dennis (CA) and Ada (El Salvador)

I would like to thank everybody at your law office who helped in my case. I am very satisfied with the outcome and appreciate the professionalism shown to me from your law firm.



Erik (GA) and Wang (China)

Just wanted to let you know that I think Gaylin (spelling?) is the sweetest most patient woman on planet earth. High quality operation you got going their good sir. I’m glad I aligned myself with you guys and look forward to writing up something for the website when this is all said and done that will bring praise to your efforts. Maybe Emma and I could shoot a video. I mean it. I appreciate all ya’lls hard work on our application.




Bryant (FL) and Tatiana (Russia)

Thank you, John. We are very very happy. Your service is first class. More than likely we will use you for the adjustment and other process.





We just wanted to thank you for your hard work and diligence in assisting us through this process. Your input and expertise has been valuable to us.




Heather (AL) and Herbert (Slovenia)

Thank you so much. I appreciate the fact that after waiting for five months, we got approved and didn’t get an RFE. I saw lots of people wait forever and then get RFE’s. I’ll let you know how the interview goes.




Joy (CA) and Beat (USA)

Hi, John:


Thank you for responding to our email so quickly. It’s very reassuring to get your impression of our interview, and we greatly appreciate your support.





Words cant describe how i feel right now. I just want to thank you for all what you have done for us. You have made two people really happy today.




Kevin (CA) and Guadalupe (Mexico)

This letter is to thank you and your associates for the wonderful work you did for my fiancée and me. We talked to a few attorneys before we settled on going with your firm and are so pleased that we did. Many attorneys have lower prices but we didn’t have a feeling of confidence when talking with them. The services we received from you and Gay Lynn were outstanding. I know at times that I was a pain in the butt to you but you nor Gay Lynn ever reflected that. I could have paid you three times as much and still it would have been worth every penny.


My fiancée had her visa revoked when she was seventeen, also she has been denied visas in the past, which could have posed a problem for her attaining a K1 visa plus her English isn’t that good. We were really expecting for her not to pass the interview the first time and having to go back again. She passed the interview and was granted her passport the same day due to your diligent work and talking with her.


Thank you and Gay Lynn once again as I am know that we would never have had such a successful completion as we did. Thanks for your patience, time and interest for us.


I would highly recommend you and your services for anyone seeking to get a visa from the U.S. Consultant. Even if the fee seems higher than other attorneys it is worth the extra to feel sure when you are basically putting your future in the hands of an attorney.





First off, let me thank the entire team at the Law Offices of John F Roth for guiding me through the fiancée visa process.


Thanks to you all, my fiancée application was approved.


I would like to specifically thank the following at your office:


Barbara – was always a very soothing friendly voice at the other end of the phone, especially during the initial long waiting period for the I-129F petition


Gay Lynn – was always the jovial, and cheerful lady, who was forthcoming in her appraisal and preparatory interviews – she could read people just by their voice, and provide honest and brutal commentsJ – all in the good spirit and intent of assisting clients





I want to say thankyou so much for all your effort and help in processing and walking us through the immigration procedure. My Honey is coming to the USA. Her interview lasted for 30 minutes and she said her visa will come in the mail in two weeks. She also told me that there were


many rejected so I am happy I hired your team to help us.




Courtney (NV) and Damian (Poland)

Mr. Roth,


I just sent in my review, with all outstanding marks. I thank you for your email. That email I sent to you was almost 6 years ago now! Damian and I have been married for 6 wonderful years (this coming September)! It’s been fabulous! And (of course) we thank you for making it all possible! I still talk about you and your firm often, helping others out in the same situation, giving them your info if they need it. I tell them of how you were wonderful, and how you treated me like a friend and not just a client. For that, I thank you.


I hope all is well with you and your firm. Good luck in the future. And thanks again for everything!




Jim (CA) and Huiyun (China)

Hello, i just wanted to update regarding Huiyun Li’s interview at the Guangzhou Consulate this past Tuesday.


We arrived at the Consulate at about 7 a.m. and the line was already fairly long. We were let in at 7:30 and went up to the fourth floor, where Huiyun and her daughter continued up to the fifth floor. SOs could not go any further.


At about 10:30, i returned to the Consulate fourth floor. They have a nice little coffee shop, so i waited and watch the majority of women coming down from the fifth floor with “blue” slips in hand. One of them was a woman who we befriended in line earlier in the morning. Her SO and herself had prepared almost 2 small suitcases worth of documentation and i admit when i saw her wth her blue, i was worried. But, at about 11:30, Huiyun and her daughter came down with big smiles on their faces. Huiyun waved her pink slip and i could not believe it. After this long ride, the feelings and emotions we experienced have no words to accommodate them.


Thank you for your expertise and guidance in our k-1. It certainly made our lives alot easier and the comfort we felt in knowing that experts were handling our paperwork and directing us in the right direction can not be expressed in words.




Carly (MT) and Eslam (Egypt)

I’m very happy to report that Carly and Izzie made it to Montana on July 27, 2008 following a quickly scheduled appt and issuance of his Visa. The interview was very brief and they encountered little difficulty overall once they were pointed in the right direction. I would like to thank you and the Firm for your assistance in this endeavor.




Robert (CA) and Eulalia (Philippines)

U did a GREAT job on r fiancee visa! THANKS SO SO VERY VERY MUCH! How comforting to hve somone like you doing it!




Stacey (KS) and Jonathan (United Kingdom)

Hello – Jonathan had his interview today (and they let me go in with him) and we were approved!! They said that we were very well prepared and to see that is very rare. We expect to have the visa in hand next week! We are very excited and very happy with all the help we received from Phillip, Joseph and John Roth.




Jaime (NJ) and Martha Isabel (Colombia)

Today is one of may happiest days of my life and you are a big part in this happiness. I wanted to thank you so much for all your support, thanks for answering all those emails quickly and in all to be there for me and my fiancee all the way.


She was approved yesterday and we did it in a big part thanks to you and your support.


Now I’m working on arranging everything to get marry in September, and I wanted to keep in touch you to see what’s the next step after we get marry for her to get the green card.


Thanks again for all your help.




Eddie (AZ) and Kateryna (Ukraine)

I am forwarding to you the response I received yesterday from USCIS regarding my I-129F petition. I am very pleased! I had expected at least 1 RFE from them, but because of your excellent packaging of my petition all I have received is this acceptance!! Again, I thank both you and Mr.


Roth for your excellent work on our behalf! Katya is very excited, and also very nervous…understandably :)




Tico (CA) and Valentina (Venezuela)

She got the visa!!!!!! It has been a very long road but she will finally get here in 13 days!!! We are so excited and I would like to thank you all for your help. When she gets here we are going to get married right away. I would like you to assist us with all the paper work she needs to fill out once she is here. Thank you very much!




Barry (PA) and Elena (Russia)

I have just learned that Lena has passed her interview with no problem. Thank you for all the hard work.





Ben (GA) and Louise Virginia (United Kingdom)

I’ve only just retained your services and I must say I am EXTREMELY impressed with your customer service!


My fiance and I appreciate you all helping us through this process.




Stephen (NY) and Yelena (Turkmenistan)

Yelena sailed through the Embassy interview. No problems. Her visa is approved. Thank you and your staff,Uliya met with her prior in Moscow. Again many thanks.




Peter (NJ) and Guofang (China)

I just want to let you know that my fiancee has passed her interview at the US consulate in Guangzhou yesterday. Guofang and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to your team both here in the US and locally in China. You’ve made the petition process much more efficient, organized and bearable. Thank you all once again!




James (AL) and Natalia (Russia)

Respectful John F.Roth….! I wish to express you words of gratitude for that help which you render me and James in preparation of documents. We very much love each other and for 1,5 years of our acquaintance, our love becomes more strongly and more strongly. Your work and the help gives people hope for love, for understanding and desire to be favourite. Today it is possible to meet the love on other doomsday and it is helped by the God. Thanks you for it. I wish your house of goods, happiness and love. Your native and close good health, success and only all the kindest and good. Let you are stored by the God. Thanks!!!.




Gary (VA) and Zhaoxia (China)

Mr. Roth thank you and your team for your support, effort and service. Zhaoxia and I are very excited and happy.




Trung (CA) and Hang (Vietnam)

Good news! My fiancée got her Visa. We are booking a flight to California. Thank you very much for all your help. Will you let Mr. Roth know of the good news? I am so happy. Once she is over here, I will let you know. Thanks again, I really appreciate it very much.




Don (IL) and Emily (Philippines)



First of all I would like to Thank you and your staff especially Gay Lynn from your Alabama office for all her hard work and for always being their to answer my questions. Gay Lynn was always polite and had all the answers I needed. Emily and I were married on March 26th, 2008.




Gary (FL) and Patricia (Honduras)



Paty surprised me with the news today that she has in her hands the K1/K2 visas! She went to the embassy in Tegucigalpa this afternoon.


Thanks again so much John, Phillip and to all the team at your firm. I’ll always be grateful, and Paty sends her highest regards. I’ve went ahead and bought plane tickets for her and her children to come on the 17th of May. I’ll go down there first, so we can come back together. We’ll be entering the US through Ft.Lauderdale, FL. First my new baby with Paty, and now this!


God bless you all,






Ma. Socorro

We would like to both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making what was once our dream into a reality. Ma. Socorro arrived on Feb 8, 2008 and we are living our new lives in Ca. Gay Lynn was AWESOME! She made the whole process so much easier.Ma. Socorro recieved her Visa in 3 days, while others waited for 2 weeks. For those contemplating on hiring this firm, some things are just too important in doing it yourself. You guys were worth every penny! Thanks!




Robert (AZ) and Larysa (Ukraine)

Att. Roth, I am a former client where you recently helped us with a K-1 successful visa. I am happy to say that Larisa and I are now married and just this week she received her conditional green card. Things are going well and we will be forever thankful for your assistance.





I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for all of the assistance I have received from your firm. I have been working closely with Gay Lynn in the Alabama office and she has been so professional and understading through-out this process. I am taking a Chinese class that has several people in it that have already married in China and they are at their wits end because their visa requests are at 15 months while we are about 5 and a half months into ours, and we are much further along. I feel that it is all because of your firm and the personal attention from Gay Lynn. So let me just say, THANK YOU!





Dear John,


I just want to thank you and your team for such quality work and dedication. Gay Lynn sent us important information on Sunday and her dedication was very much appreciated. You all have made the process much easier and Joelyn and I greatly appreciate all of the attention to detail Gay Lynn and all the staff have shown our case along with many others.




Brian (NY) and Chen (China)

Thank you, John for your timely and thorough response.


It is a pleasure dealing with you and your team.




Sharon (MO) and Sansal (Turkey)

Thanks for your help in getting the visa. It arrived much faster than we had hoped. We applied on July 26th, which is just 140 days from start to finish. I would definitely recommend your office to other K-1 petitioners in the future.





I know that you are deluged with hundreds of tasks each week – I admire you for your tenacity and dedication and most of all, your friendliness when speaking to you. I realize that you have hundreds of clients, and even though you must talk to them all the time, and hold their hands, you always give the impression that I am your only client. I appreciate that and am SO glad that I found you on the Internet.





Thank You, Thank You and Thank You Again (-; All the work we did together has now paid off, guess now we wait for the process to continue, it sure is good working with you and all the folks at John F. Roth. Will certainly recommend your firm to any others that might be in need of your services.




Ron (FL) and Jesielou (Philippines)

hey just to let you guys know jesie recieved her visa 12-1-03 thanks again for all the help if anyone i know ever needs a immigration lawyer i will recommend you.




John (FL) and Olga (Russia)

Hello John,


Just wanted to thank you again for all your help….As you predicted, they {Moscow Embassy] reversed themselves without admitting to a mistake. Nice call! Since they stated that the Visa Unit Chief approved the visa, I have a feeling it was your email, and not my brother’s paperwork that saved the day.





I appreciate all the hard work you and the people that work with you did to make this happen thank you.





I just wanted to thank you all for your great help, advice, and timely responses to all of our questions during such an important step in our lives.




Chung Y.

I had a such a great impression from you when I talk to you on the phone the other day. I have called several other Law office, but you were the best of all.




Lorena G.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for all your support and assistance in this, our day of great happiness.


Thank you, and God Bless 5/10/2007


Amelie T.

Thank you so very much for all your help. You guys really are the best. We are very excited!




Yana S.


Hi Philipp,


Thank you for that advice. I appreciate your help. It’s good to know that I have excellent professionals helping me during this frustrated time. I have been advocating and promoting your firm to others online.


Svitlana B.




I am pleased to report that Svitlana’s visa interview on 4 April in Kiev was a success! My thanks to both of you and to the rest of your staff for helping us accomplish this. The embassy officer told Svitlana that our documents were perfect. Svitlana mentioned that she found your liason in Kiev (I forget her name) to have been very helpful in preparing her for the interview. I am most grateful to you, Mr. Roth and Phillip.


I appreciate any help you can provide for me, regarding this travel process. Again, please accept my thanks for a job well done regarding the visa. I can see why your firm is held in such high regard.






Thank you for your immediate response, and I understand.


Let me please express my deepest gratitude.

You have made me live again.

My mother’s dream is coming true, because of your help.

You are truly “”a great attorney””!

Larisa and Valentina (Mum) are very happy.


I will obediently wait in patience.


Rob (Ohio) and Amanda (Ireland)


I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped us through the legal minefield that is the K1 Visa! John, Natalya and especially Philipp, who was extremely prompt with all replies to myself and Rob’s questions.Thank you all so much for everything you have done for us. We look forward to working with you after the wedding for the entire AOS process! Knowing we have a great team in our corner is very comforting.


Again, thank you so much for all your help and we can’t wait to work with you all when we become Mr. and Mrs!!


Virgil (NC) and Angela (Moldova)


Dear John, Michael and staff:

I have been wondering how to put into words the gratitude I have to you all and your staff and it is simple beyond me. I would like to thank you for your patience, support, and dedication in making our dream become a reality. I always knew that your experience was the key to our success.


Today, Angela and Sascha got their Visas issued at the American Embassy in Romanian and we are one step closer to start a new life in America. You have allow us in the “”Spirit of the America Dream”” and the millions of immigrants that makeup this great nation, to start our journey in the pursuit of happiness.


Chris (FL) an Irina (Romania)


Just got the fantastic news – Irina picked up her visa about half an hour ago – We’re both sooooooooooo happy!!! Thanks so much for all your help, you have made this whole process a painless headache free experience…. the interview only took about five minutes and then she was told to come back at 4pm!!….I think you made all the difference – Irina told me that she was the only one out of five girls there who had their visa approved.


Frank (FL) and Albina (Russia)


Finally, let me thank you and your team for an outstanding job… I am truly amazed with your efficiency and quickness. Again, thanks a million for your great and invaluable help.


C. T & Svetlana (Russia)


i don’t know how your office did it, but you seemed to have worked magic on our case, and we both want to thank you for it. we never imagined things would get done this quickly.


Norm (PA) & Nataliya (Ukraine)


Our family is alive and well and back in the USA. We want to sincerely thank you for all of your staff’s hard work and excellent guidance. Our interview in Warsaw was a very good experience, (pls. see my note to the Consulate), and your staff in Warsaw, Anna, was clearly a big help.


I sincerely believe that the expeditious and priority treatment that we received throughout the K1 process was a direct result of your firm’s influence and focused handling of our application. I am working on a thorough testimonial to your services that will reflect the excellent work that you and your staff do. We look forward to a lasting relationship with your office in the many Immigration formalities that we have yet to come. Thank you again, very much.


Allen (AR) and Nadiya (Ukraine)


You sure know how to streamline this tangled, complicated process. Thank you for your help and dedication. It was well worth the time and expense.


Paul (FL) & Natasha (Russia)


John, yes it was me who said that the only other woman to get “”express service”” that day was also a client of your office…..Natasha told her when she picked up her express visa. When Natasha came back to pick up her visa that same day, many of the women who had sat there all day asked her how she was able to do this without having to be there all day???? She replied, “”My fiancee’ hired John Roth to help me so I would not have any problems with my visa. He did NOT want me to have to worry and he did not want my Dasha (age 6) to have to sit here all day.”” She said one woman spoke to her that she was going to ask her fiancee’ why he did not hire John Roth so she did not have to be there all day too.


Paul (FL) and Natalia (Russia)


..there were NO delays [in the] interview. As a matter of fact, she did NOT even have to answer any questions like all the other women who were there that day. In fact, many of the women asked Natalia how did she get her express visa? How come she did NOT have to wait with everybody else? Why were her documents not even questioned??? Because of your great service, Natalia and her daughter (both of them were very sick that day) did NOT even have to wait at the Embassy. They were called to the counter and told to come back at 4:30 pm to pick up there visas!!!! My wife was very very impressed with me and of course with your expertise. Russians are used to having to wait and having a problem. She was quite frankly shocked at how well everything went for her and her daughter. Thank you again for everything.


On a personal note, everything between us is going well. We love each other very much and are extremely happy. Thank you for getting us together.


Norrnan (PA) and Natasha (Ukraine)


Greetings John,


Thank you very much for your note. I am ecstatic that we are finally clearing the hurdle of getting this petition together and into the government’s hands. Your partners and staff have been entirely forthright and professional in the handling of my case. Your service is very true to your information pages on the Internet.


I clearly have a sense of “”could not afford not to”” have used an immigration attorney of your firm’s caliber. The most important thing to Nataliya and I is to be able to start our life together, and we appreciate very much having you and your partners in our corner.


Eric (GA) and Elena (Russia)


I just returned from the snow-covered US Embassy in Moscow where Yaroslavna was awarded her K-1 visa. I’d like to thank everyone for their work, especially Svetlana, whose patience and pleasant attitude in answering my endless questions is appreciated.


We saw one of Russia’s biggest pop-stars get rejected for a visa. He screamed “”don’t you know who I am””; the kind of behavior you’d expect from someone whose used to getting his way! From what we overheard, there was a small discrepancy in his application. Yaroslavna and I both agreed we were glad we had the Roth team on our side rather than preparing the documents ourselves.


In the future, I’ll be sure to let others now about my good experience with your firm.




Hello once again John, How are you? Well I hope everything is going well with you. As you know it is beginning to be that time of year again for an invitation for Valentina’s mother to come and see us for the second time, hopefully. We would like to bring Tatiana (Valentina’s mother), to be with us this time for perhaps as much as 3 months, if it is possible. I would think it would be easier for her to come over this time since she came last year for one month. What do you think? I know the embassy in Kiev, told Tatiana it will be easier the next time.


My question is, how should we go about it this time? Should we ask for as much as 3 months? Should we write the same type of letter that you wrote for me last year? Maybe you could just give us a little suggestions and a tip for us, just to direct us in the write direction. I just know that everytime you have helped us, everything has turned out wonderful. After all, you are the one that made it all happen for Valentina and I. I cannot thank you enough for that. Valentina and I are very happy and enjoying our life together every hour of the day. If it were not for you I do not know what I would have done. God bless you and I look forward for your suggestion.


Thanks Again, Brent & Valentina




Hi Mr. Roth,


Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them and all you and your staff has done. I always feel the best approach is a sincere and respectful one, and only to be harsh when absolutely necessary. Again thank you for a very good and professional job, as it would not have been done also without your initial preparation and guidance.


Bill Grimaldi


Norma B.




I want start off by thanking you for the good job your office has done on our K-1 visa. Everything went fine with our November 29 interview in Honduras and Norma Patricia was issued the K-1 visa. I traveled with her back to the US on December 2 and we are very happy with our new life. Our wedding was on December 22 and now have been given our marriage certificate. I would like to continue our case with your office to obtain the resident card. Please let me know what you will need to continue and we will provide such info as needed. We thank you again for the great job and look foward to working with you.



Julio & Normal Patricia Canaca


Maryna N.




They sent a letter about a month after I mailed in the petition, requesting she attach her green card and mail it back to them. We never heard anything else and just received her 10 year card in the mail.


Thanks again!!

Maryna’s twin sister had all kinds of problems as her husband tried from the beginning to fill out the paperwork on his own without legal assistance. Thanks to the law office of John Roth from day one all we ever had to do is sign our name.


Take Care,

See you in 2 years 9 months!

Ken & Maryna


Chris M.


Hi Philipp,


We would like to thank you for all of your help. You guys did a fantastic job. I received my Green Card in the mail today! Since I did my K-1 Visa with you and then my AOS/EAD (which I also received), it only took 1 year, 3 months and 12 days to go from signing up with you guys to getting my Green Card. I’d say that’s pretty good considering it is the government that creates the long delays.


Chris Michetti


Irina P.


Mr Roth,


I want to thank you for your help in obtaining a k-1 visa for my fiancé, Irina and myself. She had her interview on June 1st and we got our visa that day. They arrived here (Irina and Anna) on June 20th and we have been busy getting the house “modified” for two women!!!! We got our marriage license on June 23rd and will be married on June 30th!!


Again, thanks for all the help in making our “miracle” happen!!!!!!


Dave, Irina and Anna


Myrma R.


Hi Philipp,


Thank you we are both very happy that this part is over, I will keep you posted as soon as she arrives here and how soon i schedule the court marriage, thank you so much again for your support and the work you have done for us so far, i’m very happy with the services that has been provided by the agency on Mae’s and my behalf, i’m sure that i will have many more question’s in the future i will keep you informed about any changes as they occur. Thank’s again and best regard’s to all.


Sincerely, Eric Edelo


Mark (TX) and Olga (Ukraine)


Dear Mr. Roth: Olga was very happy to speak with your office and got instructions for preparing her documents for the visa process and Embassy visit in Warsaw. I am so glad I found you on the internet. I know Olga will feel much more confident understanding the whole process in her native language and also knowing we have your staff’s help and guidance throughout the process.


Mark (TX) & Olga (Ukraine)


Dear Mr. Roth, Michael and Lana: This is a very special thank you to your entire staff for taking such great care of Olga and me. We are forever in your debt. After Olga come’s safely to America and things settle down, we will travel to New York to meet you all, so we can thank you personally. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very, very much.


John (NH) and Olga (Russia)


You’re The best!!!


Ron (WI) and Vera (Russia)


I want to take this time to thank you for all of your help with Vera’s K1 Fiancee Visa. I need to tell you that the Visa Interview went extremely well for us at the US Embassy in Moscow . They asked only one question….”How did we meet?” I’m sure that this process went so well because of your experience and thorough preparation of all the documents. Vera was very nervous going into the Embassy and was very pleased to see how easy the interview process turned out. We were in the Embassy less than 1-1/2 hours.


Ryan (AZ) and Nataya (Thailand)


You guys have been a tremendous help to me and Nataya and I truly appreciate everything that you have done.


Michael (TX) and Rosiris (Colombia)


The Staff with John Roth have been very wonderful to me and I really appreciate the enthuisasm and care you folks have given me.


A. C. (TX) and Natalya (Russia)


mr. roth,


we spoke on several occasions and i now believe everything that you told me about the american embassy in moscow [this fellow chose not to hire us]. pardon me but the a bunch of lying b**tards. my fiancee and i have been working on this visa for a year and a half and the last time we spoke you were on you way to moscow and asked me if i needed you to represent me. well my fiancee was there shortly before you went and i was sure that all the paperwork was in and correct and all was fine. well i am sure that you have heard all this before. well anyway on july 5th or 7th she was there and thay told her in one week they would call her to come for the visa which they never did. so i made 7 calls before i was able to speak to anyone and when I did the lady said that she was looking over the files and that all was in order. i asked her to be sure and she said that if natalya comes in a week she would get the visa. i called natalya and told her this and I told her to call them herself last monday to tell them she was coming and they told her that the visa would not be issued because she was selling her apartment which she is not but just another snag to make us more disgusted since summer is more than half gone and a lot of plans are already damaged. the bad part is that her medcical exam will expire on the july 26th which i am sure this played a part in their decision and they told me that she must leave the country before this exam expires or start the exam over which is more time. can they give her an extension on this exam. i have spent a lot sending her back and forth to moscow but to no avail…. can you quote me a price to complete this visa or will we have to start all over due to the medical exam. i have done all ican and the embassy does not really care.


Lena (Russia) & James (FL)


Dear John, Mishel and Svetlana! Thank you very much!!!!!!! I have my Visa in my passport and specialy package for emigration service! I hade a very good consultation from Luodmila! And the interview was very easy for me!!!! James and I , we are very happy and grateful to You!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!


Ed (CA) and Svetlana (Russia)


Dear John & Mike,


Svetlana said that her interview was only 5 minutes and that the visa was issued at noon…. Thanks for all your help, I have sent your name and company to several internet sites, as the people to see for a REAL VISA.


James (FL) & Liena (Russia)


Yes John Of course !!!!!!!!!!!! Liena and I would be happy if you used our testimonials ! We are very pleased with all that you have done for us and I would strongly recommend you to other clients also feel free to have any of your clients contact me I would be happy to tell them what a great job you have done for Liena and Myself ! Again thanks


Doug (NC) & Natasha (Russia)


Thanks for your great and fast work!


Jay (NJ) and Marina (Ukraine)


Thank you for the quick attention to my case! … Thank you for the professional manner in which you are handling my case. I assure you I will highly recommend your services to all I meet!


Lynn (SC) and Galina (Russia)


John…..you did it! Thanks beyond all means of saying it from Galina and myself. I knew that you could do something but this is fantastic!! ….. Again, Thank you so very much!!!


Lynn (SC) and Galya (Russia)


John, again I want to thank you for the really great date for the interview….This made a very great difference to me as it prevented me from having to lose a significant amount of money….we are about as happy as anyone you will ever see. Thanks again!!!


Russ (NY) and Julia (Russia)


I would like to thank you for all your help, if everything went as well as you handled my case, the world would be a lot easier place to live. The professionalism of your office staff is second to none. I would also like to retain your services when it is time to adjust Julia’s status. Thank you again for all your help, you have trully made a dream come true for us.


George (PA) and Tanya (Russia)


Mr Roth; I want to thank you for your great service to me in your help to acquire a k1 visa for Tanya. Your service was the best that I could have expected for sure. Your whole staff was always very helpful anytime I ask a question and I always recieved the best of service. And the time it took was wonderful. I would really say that i would go no where else as I know your firm is the best. Many thanks


Christopher (UT) and Nadejda (Russia)


Dear Mr Roth, First, I would like to say that you guys are quick! I did not expect answers over the weekend, and I recieved my initial email packet of instructions very quickly after posting the retainer to my credit card. It still seems overwhelming… I’m just glad I don’t have to tackle this alone.


Greg (FL) and Alma (Hong Kong)


I just wanted to say that i have been very impressed with the way you have handled everything up to now. you are very professional and have kept me informed as well as expediting all my paperwork in a very timely manner. i have a couple of friends that will also need future fiancee ( k-1 ) visa’s and i will recommend that seek your services and not look elsewhere!!


Bill (IN) and Svetlana (Russia)


Hello Mr. Roth, I just wanted you to know, I received a letter from Sveta today. She said that she went to a party Sunday at the Agency where we first started corresponding. There were all the ladies who will be coming to the Western countries for marriage, and those who are still searching for their Fiancee. She found an old friend, Jenna, whose Fiancee in California used your firm. Sveta said she asked many questions of her about the rest of the process. Several of the ladies overheard their conversation. One lady said that her Fiancee had used another attorney, and her wait had been almost a year now, and she had to fill out all the papers for the Embassy herself.. Sveta said that the girls who were still looking for a Fiancee said, “when we find a husband, we will be sure to tell him to use John Roth”. So, 6000 miles from America and 10 time zones, and John Roth is on the breath of so many ladies. You should feel flattered! Also, thank you for the quick response to Sveta’s questions about the Police certifications from Kazakhstan.


Skip (NY) and Olena (Ukraine)


Hello John,


Thank you, thank you for your help. You certainly made the whole process as painless as possible.


I have friend in St. Petersburg who used another attorney. It took her five months to get INS approval. The INS said they lost her pictures, and she had to supply them again, resulting in a three month delay.


Your experience certainly paid off, with only a 31 day total approval time for the INS.


Thank you, thank you, and please feel free to use this recommendation to any of your future clients.


Irina Luiza (Romania) and Chris (FL)


Thank you so so very much for everything that you done for me and Chris .I got the Visa today and i honestly don’t find my words to thank you enougghh for all what you done…wish i could just say some more,but i don’t find my words right now than just THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU ! and YOU ARE THE BEST !!!


Gerald (NJ) & Marina & Artur (Ukraine)


I’m thrilled to say that Arthur has arrived to the United States. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated and feel free to use Marina and I as a reference (not that you really need one, your firm is well known). Irina a special thanks to you for being extremely professional and kind towards me in matters that I did not understand at times.


Pete (CO) and Venera (Russia)


Dear John, Michael and Irina: We arrived back in Colorado late last night from Moscow…it was a very long day. I wanted to thank all of you for your support and assistance in preparing all documentation for Venera’s K1 application and interview process. Being organized and informed is the key to success. I want to thank Irina for speaking with Venera several times before the interview. It was very helpful to reassure Venera she had all documents in order. Working with your law firm was a wonderful experience and I’ve recommended you to several interested parties. Many, many thanks for your support and assistance. We appreciate you all.


Andrew (US Navy) and Tatiana (Russia)


Words alone cannot express how happy I am with the services that you have provided. When I first asked Tatiana to marry me, and she accepted, I knew it would be tough handling the bureaucratic red tape of getting her a visa, especially with a country such as Russia, with whom the USA does not have the best of relations. I decided to try the paperwork myself, and quickly realized that I was in over my head. I do consider myself a fairly intelligent individual, but I did realize this kind of process was to be handled by an expert in this field. I did search the internet, and found quite a few immigration attorneys, but after contacting them, was somewhat disappointed in the services they said they could provide. I just didn’t get a good feeling that they knew what they were doing with regards to a Russian visa. I then found your web site, and decided to give you a call. That call was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of all of your staff, and the thoroughness of the brief that was given to be about your services. I decided to use your services, and have never regretted a single minute of it. I will say that I was initially concerned about the cost of the package (I chose the entire package of the INS forms and the Embassy preps), as it was a little more than some of your competitors. It just goes to show you that you get what you pay for. I have a friend that decided to do this on his own, and his fiancee is still waiting in Penza for her visa, and Tatiana arrives tomorrow. She has told me how easy the embassy visit was, how quickly she got in and out of their, and how wonderful it was to sit back and let somebody else do the paper shuffle. I will say that due to my past, I did have quite a bit of a paperwork nightmare myself, but you guys handled it wonderfully. I have been most impressed with every facet of your company or practice, and will DEFINITELY recommend you to anyone I know that could use your services. If you ever have somebody that isn’t sure about conducting business with you, or is worried about whether or not you can get their situation handled, please feel free to have them contact me, and I will let them know how happy both Tatiana and I are with everything you’ve done for us. I thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart, and Tatiana asked me to pass along her words of thanks and praise also. You have been a Godsend.


Bryant (FL) and Maryna (Belarus)


Mr. Roth I am extremely pleased with the service you and your colleagues provided us and can’t thank you enough. Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial of your outstanding service.


Dr. John H. (GA) and Genie Rose (Philippines)


John,I will never be able to thank you enough. You are doing such a great job….you have worked so fast, you truly are great at your skills and work as a lawyer.


Walter (DC)


I found your helpful web page and am considering seeking your help with a K1 process….By way of introduction, I currently work as a professor in the DC area but am a member of the NY bar (and know enough to realize I want help with this process).


Kenneth (TX) and Diep (Vietnam)


Dear Mr. Roth, I am very happy to be writing this letter, informing you that my fiancee Diep, has received her visa. I just would like to thank you and all of your staff for all of the help that you gave me and also that I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a good quality attorney. I am going to start the process of finally preparing for my fiancee trip over to the U.S. so we can finally start our lives together. Thank you again for all of your advice and help.


N. P. (KS) and N. M. (India)


I just wanted to say thank you for all the time you spent on my file….I was impressed with your staff and everyone was a joy to work with.


Jimmie (AL) and Irina (Russia)


John-Thanks again for taking a generous amount of time to discuss Irina’s residency issue with me on the phone. I continue to be very pleased with the thorough and professional manner that you and Michael are handling our case.


Joe (ME) and Natalia (Russia)




Thank you for beginning the process so quickly and for keeping me posted. I have complete confidence that I made the right decision choosing you to help me with this process.


Cornelia (NY) and Mikael (Sweden)


On behalf of Mikael and me, thanks for your continuing swift and thorough work!


Rick (MN) and Michelle (Philippines)


I want to thank you and everyone at your office for doing such a professional job and making everything go so smoothly.


Bobby (NY) and Maria (Peru)


Thank you for all the help you have been providing me. I greatly appreciate all the work that both you and your staff have done over the past week and a half. You guys do excellent work, and I would definitely recommend anyone who is going through a similar process to use your firm. Again, thank you for everything.


Dennis (FL) and Ilona (Ukraine)


Ilona and I want to thank you for all your help and attention in this matter for making this process go as smooth as possible. I would highly recomend your services to anyone that is appling for any kind of visa.


John (FL) and Olga (Russia)


Hello John,


Just wanted to thank you again for all your help….As you predicted, they {Moscow Embassy] reversed themselves without admitting to a mistake. Nice call! Since they stated that the Visa Unit Chief approved the visa, I have a feeling it was your email, and not my brother’s paperwork that saved the day.


Anyways, my thanks to all, especially yourself and Gay Lynn.


M. N.


Thank you all so much for all your efforts. I am so much more confident knowing that you do such a great job.


Donna (NC) and fiance (Poland)


Thank you for all your hard work and perseverance for us in this. You did great! We thank God for you…. ”




Dear John,


We are pleased beyond words. We thank you and Nataliya and the rest of your staff for the effort you put forward in our behalf. Thank you.


John, again I say thank you and may God bless you.


Most sincerely,








Thanks for everything, the entire process took about 2 1/2 months! Please pass my thanks along to your staff that helped make the process short and successful.


Eugene S. Melewski






I’ve used your services to obtain a K-1 visa for my wife in the 2003. Everything during that time frame went extremely smooth and I was happy with the services you provided.


Thanks for you help.


Todd Frace


Ekaterina L.




First of all thank you for the info about the airfare and the ladies name you gave me yesterday, I believe she will be able to help me and Ekateina with airfare. She did raise one question I have . She informed me that if Ekaterina is approved it may take a week or so for all the documents to be prepared before her departure from Moscow, and that she would be best to rent an apartment during this wait. Is this true that it will take sometimes a week or more to prepare the documents?


Lastly I want to tell you and Mr. Roth that I am completely with your service, and the law firm. Tell Mr. Roth that you have been very helpful ,and have been polite and answered all my questions. I will be happy to give anyone wishing your services a good recommendation for your law firm. Thanks again, and have a good day. Bob


Alejandra F.


Hi Philipp,


It gives me great pleasure to notify you that Alejandra received the K-1 visa on December 28th. I flew down to Mexico City, picked her up, and then flew to ciudad juarez to the consolate. Although it was an all day event (we arrived at 7:30 and left at 4:00), Alejandra said that the interview was not bad at all and that everything went smoothly.


We are extremely happy! Afterwards I took her to the beach where I formally proposed.


We would like to thank you and the rest of the firm for a job very well done. I am extremely impressed! I could not say enough good things about the service that we received and I would recommend anyone to you. The communication among us, the timeliness of the papers, the dedication, and the advise where among the best service I’ve seen. I really liked how fast my e-mails were responded to, and how I always knew what was going on at all times (I was never lost).


Again thank you, and I will await your response.




Debbie S.


Our Visas …. were approved on April 5 in Manila! The interview process went so smooth. The Visas should be processed and in our hands within a week. The US born abroad birth certificate for Destanie will be ready any day. We will be going home as soon as possible. We are a very happy family! Thank you again for all of your efforts. Your expertise was paramount to our quick and positive results.


Olga G.




Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your work and for the successful securing of a fiancee visa for Olga and me. Olga now has a plane ticket and is due to arrive on June 30, where I will pick her up in NYC at JFK Airport. I’m grateful for all you did and for your help along the way in guiding us with answers to our numerous questions. I know that we will be using your services again before too long, and if I hear of anyone who’s interested in a bride from another country, I’ll surely recommend your Firm.



Peter Schooping


Eugenia K.


Hi Philipp


I think by now you also know that Zhenya’s interview was successful in Moscow. They indicated VISA will come in 1 week.


On behalf of Zhenya and myself I would like to thank John, You, Julia (St Pete) and Julia (Moscow) for your services.


Please pass along to those mentioned a sincere Thank You




Angelos A.


Hello. I’d like to inform you that today, after a successful interview which lasted only 5 minutes, I obtained my K1 Visa. Everything went smoothly, the documents were all there and in order. The questions were a mere formality. I will have the visa in my hands tommorow afternoon.


I would like to thank you for the excellent service offered by your firm, without which today’s result wouldn’t have been achieved.


Once again, thanks!


Best regards,


Angelos A.


Suphap S.


HI Micheal


Just to let you know. Supap’s visa was issued yesterday in Bangkok at the US Embassy. When we get to the time when the next phase of paperwork needs to be done, I will contact you about it.


Thanks again


Malek K.


Hi Michael:


I am so glad that I have you doing our petition. I would have made so many mistakes so far if I was doing it by myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Herilia R.




Thanks again for your timely handling of this petition !


Olena B.


Greetings Michael.


Just a quick e-mail to inform you that my fiancee has received her visa. All went well in Kyiv and soon she will be here. I want to thank you for all your efforts and patience answering all my questions. I am certain that we will speak again soon when the time comes to adjusting her status with USCIS. Thanks again.


Lyubov K.


Dear Mike,


This letter is only the beginning of our thanks to you and the association of John Roth for the help and support that you have given to Lyubov and I during the entire process for her visa. I don’t need to tell you but I will – her interveiw was for maybe 3 minutes and the support from Julia was also very helpful. Lyubov would like to send her thanks to Julia in Moscow and especially to you for your assistance in our papers.


Alisa V.


Alisa got her fiance visa, and is coming Oct 23rd, barring unforseen disasters. Thanks very much for your assistance. Julia in Moscow sat with Alisa for 2 hours, and was a great help. Apparently she spends a great deal of time weeding out problematic situations, but when she say our “”telephone book”” of correspondance she was excited. This also worked wonders at the interview. Also, the people who assisted at Encore travel (taxi rides etc) worked out fine, and everything was professional.


Zaytuna K.


….I am happy with your firm 100% and would recommend you to anyone. Again I wish to thank you and your staff for all you have done!


Xin W.


Dear Mr. Roth:


I am a completely satisfied customer of yours and Michael Poles.


I am a certified public accountant and I always believe in letting professionals do what they do best. I met my fiancée about two years ago. We started talking online, which soon evolved into talking and writing every day. I met and fell in love with the most perfect woman for me. When I visited Cindy in China the first time, I stopped by the U.S. Embassy to see what kind of paperwork was necessary to obtain a visa for Cindy to enter into the United States. With my schedule (I work full time and I am also a full-time graduate student.), I knew I needed a professional to assist me in navigating this governmental passage, especially when the Embassy employee shuffled through piles of unorganized forms, pulled out a couple of forms, and told me this would get me started. Right!


When I got home from China, I did a search online and investigated several immigration attorney websites. I was most impressed with your site and your success record, so I signed on with your firm. What a great choice!!!


Michael Poles was assigned to my case, and let me tell you, what a gift this man is to your profession. I have never felt more comfortable and confident with another professional’s ability and skill to handle my situation. Michael made sure my paperwork and documentation were organized, concise, and most important, complete (I’ve talked with other Americans doing the same process on their own who fell into that category.). The entire process became a breeze to me. Michael made Cindy and I feel extremely comfortable and confident for our interview. Cindy was so well prepared for her interview, the interviewer smiled at the organization and thoroughness of our paperwork. Also, because Cindy was so well prepared, her interview lasted little more than minute. Cindy was prepared for every question!


Cindy’s confidence (Yes, she was anxious.) was really important to me. I wanted this special woman to share my comfort and confidence with our K-1 Visa Application process. Initially, Cindy wanted us to do the paperwork on our own. Soon, it became abundantly clear to Cindy, that I made the right decision and choice. Any questions Cindy had, I relayed to Michael and Michael promptly and effectively answered my concerns. It wasn’t long before Cindy would just say, “”you ask attorney.”” Michael is that attorney!


I would also like to compliment you on your paralegal in Guangzhou. Once we got our interview date, Sasha always addressed any of Cindy’s concerns and was always pleasant. The week of our interview, Sasha reviewed all of our paperwork and did a mock interview with Cindy. I wish you could have seen the smile on Cindy’s face after our last meeting with Cindy. At that moment, all my faith and confidence in your firm and Michael Poles was rewarded.


Michael prepared and informed me of every step during my K-1 Visa Application. If I ever felt the need to call, write an e-mail, or ask Michael question, my issue was always addressed in a positive, thorough, and prompt manner. I know that if I ever have a friend or acquaintance have the need for an immigration attorney, I will always recommend your firm and tell them to specifically ask for Michael Poles to represent them.


Norma A.


We both wanted to thank you for everything you did! Looking back now on the visa process it was really nothing to it thanks to you!


…Thank you again for making this process so easy for us!


Flora K.


Thank you so much for getting everything in order and sending them off to Immigration. On my own,I would have never been able to do any of this in a timely manner at all.


I am absolutely happy to have chosen you folks for your help and work.


Dace B.


…I have passed your phone number off to some of my peers here that were stationed overseas and in the same situation as me because you have meeted and gone beyond my expectations. Thank you again.


Suping G.


Suping and daughter passed their interview last week. They will be leaving China on December 18th.


Thank you for all you efforts and help. I will continue to refer people to you and the firm and hope you have a great holiday season.


Margarita K.


Margarita received her visa last week.


We would like to thank you for all your assistance, as well as patience for my frequent questions. We really appreciate it.


Anna O.




Thank you for your excellent work so far. Its gone so smooth, I would have hated doing this on my own for sure.


Flora K.


Mr Poles


Good morning Gay Lynn


I know you wanted to hear, Flora received her Visa today, she was in her interview less than five minutes and it was a positive experience for her. Being prepared properly went a long way for this.


I will have more to write you shortly, but I wanted you to know and thank you so very much, you and the office has made it possible for Flora and I to be together with as little as stress as possible.


You, guys are a God send!


Irina V.


Thanks Mike,


You will always be a special person in our lives.


Fengyun S.


….Again, thanks for your help. We could never find our way through this maze of Forms without your guidance


Elsayed E.


Hi Michael


Just a quick note to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me on the phone, as I know your schedule is busy. You cleared up a lot of questions I had. I have to admit I still have a pinch of anxiety about making sure everything is in perfect order by the time Elsayed presents everything to the embassy in Cairo, but I feel a lot better since talking to you and I’m sure everything will be fine. Also, thank you so much for sending along the link so I can check on the progress. You are the best!!


Junhua L.


Michael and Gay Lynn,


I know we still have a ways to go, but it’s great to get to this milestone. Thanks for all of your hard work!


Youping L.




…It has been a pleasure working with you and Gay Lynn.


Iryna B.


We both are so grateful to you both for all you have done to make our marriage and reuniting in America possible!


…Forever in your debt


Elena S.


Hello Again!


I just wanted to let you guys know that Elena just left the embassy and her visa was approved. In fact, she was the first name called, so she didn’t have to wait very long (which is good because she was so nervous that she may have had a heart attack if she’d had to wait any longer)! Your staff in Russia did a good job of getting her prepared, and everything went very smoothly. Of course, the process requires a lot of gathering, waiting, worrying, annoying little chores…But trying to do this without you guys would have been a nightmare fit for the horror screen. So, thanks for all your help in making this process go as smoothly as it did!


Emily W.


Gay Lynn, please relay this message to Mike too.


WE GOT THE K1 VISA AND EVERYTHING WENT WELL ON MONDAY. Thanks to you and Mike for all your help.


Claudia E.


Mike and Gay Lynn:


Thank you very much for everything. This has truly been a case of two people overperforming every promise that was made to me. I appreciate the enormous assistance you have given me, and Claudia.


Nataliya S.




I appreciate all the good preparation. Nataliya’s interview was less than 5 minutes, and she was approved.


Ying X.


Hi: Gay Lynn


Just wanted to let you know that Ying has gotten her Visa ,and wanted to thank you and Michael for all of your help. If at some point in the future if someone needs an immigration Attorney i will certainly recommend your Firm.


Larisa T.


Hello Gay Lynn


I just spoke with Larisa and WE HAVE OUR VISA!!!!! YES, YES, YES, (SOUNDS OF ADULT MALE DOING HAPPY DANCE)….. She said the interview process was the most painless part of this whole deal so-far. They’re sending the documents, including the visa, to her in Frankivsk by a courier service like Fed Ex. They said it will arrive in 2 to 4 days. I have to say thanks for everything again. I can’t imagine going through this process with out you! I just don’t know what to say right now except the most sincere thanks. It’s been a blessing to have you on our team.


Margarita D.


Without your help and guidance we would not be looking forward to this happiness that will unite us coming soon.. you helped us out so much ..and the many phone conversations we had were so helpful in giving us strength and knowing such nice people were trying to help us to make our dream come true… belive me our talks really set my mind at ease and I felt I had a good team helping me make my dream come true…you just can’t imagine how helpful and instrumental and the peace of mind you gave us..


…and yet you and Michael were there for me all the time …any time i needed you.. you took the time to take care of us even when you guys were so busy …. Thank you so much ….


I can never thank you enough or forget you two ever for what you have done for Rita and I . .. for without your help and acceptance we would not be feeling such happiness..


Julia M.


I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done for us, and please extend a sincere thanks to Michael Poles for all he has done for us as well.


I am very pleased with your offices service and will surely recommend you to anyone I come across who is looking for an immigration attorney.


Amelie T.


Thank you so very much for all your help. You guys really are the best. We are very excited!


Lorena G.


We wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for all your support and assistance in this, our day of great happiness.


Thank you, and God Bless


Chuck (PA) and Olga (Russia)


Please tell all in your office a big hello and thank you for ALL your kindness and hard work in our case. We will always be indebted to you for you careful attention to all of our needs.


Jim (TX) and Ksenia (Russia)


Dear Mr. Roth I would like to thank You, Michael, and Lana for you great help. You have great people there. Thank you so much for keeping me informed on everthing. It is a great relief to know what is going on with this procedure.


Gary (CA) and Galyna (Ukraine)


Dear Mr. Roth, Mr. Poles and Lana, …. I also want to thank you for all your help and service. I have been very happy with your help and your willingness to answer questions and clear up confusion…If any of [my friends/acquaintances] decide to explore the idea of meeting women from Russia I will certainly give your office a very strong recommendation and let them know that I couldn’t have done it without you.


Benny (TX) and Regina (Ukraine)


Thanks very much for your completeness and promptness.


Matt (OR) and Anna (Russia)


My fiancee and I wish to express our deepest thanks and appreciation for your help in bringing us together! The whole process went very smoothly for us in Moscow, and clearly that was thanks to you and we are very grateful.


Chung Y.


Dear Gay Lynn Smith:


I had a such a great impression from you when I talk to you on the phone the other day. I have called several other Law office, but you were the best of all.


Rob (CA) and Olena (Ukraine)


Thank you for your prompt service. I have the greatest confidence in your expertise in this matter. You have helped me through a difficult time. THANK YOU!


Robert (SD) and Nataliya (Ukraine)


Everything went very smoothly for us at the embassy and with all travel to the United States. If you ever need a referral, please let us know. We are very pleased with your services, as well as, your professionalism and cordialness.


R. B. (AZ) & N. J. (Thailand)


Thank you very much for all that your firm has done for me. I truly appreciate the hard work put in by you and your staff and if ever there is a situation in which one of my colleauges or even myself may need your services once again, I will recommend you whole heartedly. You and your firm are truly professionals and the people that need your services are getting quality work that will provide them with many happy memories of their immigration experience.


Sergey (CA) and Veronika (Russia)


Hello, John…Thank you and , please, thank all your staff for me for being so quick and professional. To tell you the truth it the first time in my life when I asked for the help of the lawyer and has not been disappointed.


Harold (TX) and Tatiana (Russia)


Mr. Roth,


I have received and reviewed the Start Up Kit. Thank you very much for prompt delivery. I will take the kit with me and spend some time with Tatiana filling out the required bio sheet, power of attorney, etc…


…BTW, I am impressed with the construction of your Start Up Kit, and the very detailed letter of instructions. I have contacted five different Immigration Attorneys in the Dallas area, and none of them are able to offer “”ground”” assistance in StP. The collective opinion is — “”support in StP/Moscow isn’t necessary””.


Believe me, Tania is very nervous and apprehensive about the entire Visa process, and I will seek any means in which to ease her mind and make this as simple as possible for her.


Rich (MD) and Julia (Russia)


Oh My Goodness — Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! [after interview is scheduled to take place less than two months after petition submitted]


Rober (IA) and Lana (Russia)


John thank you. Everything went very smoothly for us at the embassy and with all travel to the United States. If you ever need a referral, please let us know. We are very pleased with your services, as well as, your professionalism and cordialness


Clayton (FL) and Alina (Russia)


i just wanted to say thank you for your hard work, and that both alina and i are amazed–especially given how tense everything is right now internationally–how quickly this has happened.


Felix (VA) and Anzhela (Belarus)


Thanks for your excellent support and service.


Robert (TX) and Irina (Russia)


Thanks for all your good work… I am so very pleased I decided to use your firm, and I think it really eases Ira’s mind to know I have hired the best.


Wesley (FL) and Rosa (Scotland, U.K.)


[E-mail from friend of couple] Once again, thank you and Mr. Roth for the care, attention, and time you are giving to Wesley and Rosa’s case. Both of them, and both families, really appreciate this.


Jerry (MS) and Elena (Russia)


I simply wanted to say thanks for everything to this point. You are the epitome of immigration law and assistance.


Daniel (AL) and Yulia (Russia)


Dear Mr. Roth and Staff, I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the process of getting our fiancee visa. Everything went very well and your staff here as well as the staff in Russia were very helpful and kind. So, I just wanted to thank you and express how much Yulia and myself appreciate your work for making this process much less stressful and concerning.


Keith & Tanya


Tanya and Nastya HAVE THEIR VISA’S! ! ! ! So, congratulations to all of us. They had a very good experience with your people in Warsaw and were VERY well prepared for their adventure. They spend 7 hours at the Embassy for a 5 minute interview and had no problems at all! The subject of police certificates did not come up. Apparently all the documentation was perfect.


Derrick (CA) and Irina (Russia)


Irina arrives in the US next week and I wanted to thank you for your efforts in obtaining a visa for her and her son. You made the procedure quite painless for us with your well organized system.


Michael (FL) and Kristine (Latvia)


John and Michael, Kristine did get her visa on Monday. Everything went smoothly…You have a wonderful system in getting these visa applications approved. It was money well spent.


R. E. (WI) and Irina (Kazakhstan)


Thank you so much for calling Irina. So much of this process is stressful and I think she greatly appreciated your expertise and reassurance that all was going well.


Thanks again for your professionalism and efforts on this matter. I’m glad that I used your firm for this petition.


Mark (KS) and Elena (Russia)


A (late) note to tell you that Elena and I were married Saturday August 17, 2002 at my home in Topeka! We have been very busy with work at home, getting Anna situated in school (6th grade), going to the pool, getting married, Elena’s English classes, etc., etc., etc. The Embassy interview went well, the gravity of the situation aside, it seemed very much like doing business at the County Clerk’s office! Thank you very much for making this a smooth, effective process…attempting to do this myself would have been a huge mistake…which leads me to another issue…adjustment of status. Please let me know what is involved in this from our end and also what the fee arrangement would be. Again, thanks very much to all.


Rickey (MI) and Bopezhan (Kazakhstan)


GOOD NEWS!!!!! At 2:44 AM EST Bupesh called me and said her visa is approved and she will pick it up at 4:00pm Moscow time. I am so excited I could dance on the moon. WOW!! You and your staff have been so instrumental and helpful in our drive to be together. Isn’t it amazing how paper work and phone calls can be so important in our lives. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance and patience during this adventure,


Courtney (NV) and Damian (Poland)


I just wanted to let you guys know that Damian is finally here. He got through the Embassy interview without any hitches or problems and made it just fine through customs. I just had to write you and thank you so much for all your hard work these past couple of months.


Jerry (FL) and Yuliya (Ukraine)


John, Thank you so much for the attention on our case. I can not even begin to tell you how thankful I am for all your help in obtaining a visa for my beautiful Julia. We will always be grateful for your help, and will never forget how much you have done for us.


Linda (AR) and Steven (Australia)


Oh wow that’s great.You have been really great about doing things as fast as you can and I would really like to just say thank you so much for that.


H.E & AJ (India)


John I do want to thank you for all you have done and doing for us. I think you and Michael are angels for eveyone else would have given up on this.


Stacey (FL) and Alan (Scotland, U.K.)


I am delighted to say that I everything went smoothly for me yesterday (at interview in London) and that I now have my K1 visa! Thank you for all your help, reassurance and careful preparation work.


M. D. (TX) and Elena (Russia)


John you have a first class Law Firm and I am delighted to have found your firm.


Bill (IN) and Lena (Russia)


In closing, I would like to Thank You and your staff for everything. You have truly went above and beyond the call of duty. I know you didn’t have to do anything after the interview (regarding Moscow “visa freeze”), but I am sure glad you hung in there with us. And thanks for taking care of DHL in Moscow.


Seth (OR) and Marinela (Romania)


..I am writing this letter to you on December 3rd one day after our trip to the embassy in Bucharest..I am proud to report that we had a problem free interview at the embassy. We spent a grand total of 5 minutes before the consular officer. I appreciate the paper work you did for us and it proved to be exactly what we needed.


Timothy (CA) and Lina (Russia)


I would like to take the time to thank you and all the staff there for all the help and guidance you have given me. I would also like to tell you that if any of your future clients would like to talk to me about your most excellent services, feel free to give them my name and phone number. I would be happy to put their fears at ease about the quality of your work. Once again, thank you to you all.


Scott (NY) and Dace (Latvia)


Daria and I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work you have done on our behalf….you have taken the worries and reduced the pressure, knowing we had someone on our side filling the holes and gaps we were not aware of!


Greg (OH) and Lilibeth (Philippines)


Thank you very much. You all are great!


Chris (CT) and Valentina (Russia)


I am writing to let you know that my fiancee….received her visa on Monday 12/23/02. Both of us wish to thank you and your staff for all of your work and the excellent preparation of her application. My fiancee said the interview on 12/18/02 was fairly brief and proceeded smoothly …also said that her meeting with Ludmila [paralegal in Moscow] was very helpful in preparing for the interview, and went far to relieve some of her anxiety and nervousness about what to expect.


Diego (CA) and Elena (Russia)


Thanks for the great work John!


Larry (TX) and Natalia (Russia)


Words cannot express our elation at the news you just sent. I’m actually here in Russia with Natalia and we opened this email together. Thank you so very much for your persistence and diligent work in this now very complex process…Again, thank you so very much for making this Valentines Day truly a day to celebrate and to remember.


John (CT) and Ariadna (Russia)


I want to thank you very much for all your help over the past few months.Ariadna got approved for her K1 visa on the 20th and she should get it via DHL on monday or tuesday.Also i would like to tell you about all the GREAT help she received from your Moscow Attorney Ludmilea.Thank you again from both of us.I am going to Moscow on the 21st of March for a week to see Ariadna and bring her back to the US on the 29th.Maybe one day we can all meet and have dinner together.


Tim (FL) and Junping (China)


John, Thanks for the update – as you may know, such periodic progress reports can help your clients maintain good mental health!


Mike (CA) and Fu (China)


Excellent! Thank you very much for your rapid service.


Andre (VA) and Natanya (Jamaica, West Indies)


I must also make mention that we were both happy,excited and grateful for the excellent work you and your staff had so far put in. Continue to do what you and your staff do best i.e. working assiduously with us and your other clients in providing excellent services.


Charles (MN) and Weili (China)


Dear John, I have been remiss in not writing to you before now, to personally thank you..[and] your staff, and also Irina, for her singular kindness in answering my fiancee’s questions over the past few months.


You have been more than expeditious in your processing and communication to my fiancee and me, on the progress of my fiancee’s K-I Visa.




I just wanted to thank you all for your great help, advice, and timely responses to all of our questions during such an important step in our lives.




I appreciate all the hard work you and the people that work with you did to make this happen thank you.


David (CA) and Tatiana (Russia)




I have very good news to report. On Tuesday (May 20), Julie, the Unit Chief, told me that our case had cleared. On Wednesday, Tanya received her visa. As you might image, she and I are very happy.


I want to express my gratitude to you …. and to your support staff as well, for helping Tanya receive the visa. I think that it would have taken much longer for Tanya to get the visa, or she might not have recieved it at all, if I had tried to arrange the visa on my own.


Feel free to use me as a reference. I would be happy to recommend your firm to anyone who is trying to bring their overseas fiancee to the US.


Thanks again for everything.


Kenneth (HI) and Natalia (Russia)


Thank you for the update and Natalya says she feels secure with Julia’s expertise in these matters. It is something she and I feel that will lead us to be together. That is comforting to know with all the pitfalls one can encounter if doing this without any help. Your office does such a professional job and we are both happy with your services!


Julia (Turkey)


I just wanted to let you know that I took the visa.Thanks for everything again.your phone call made me feel better for the interview. I dont know what to say right now.I am very happy. Have a good day. You are perfect at your job.


John (FL) and Tiiu (Estonia)


I’m very happy to tell you that Tiiu received her visa from the US Embassy in Helsinki today!! This is the greatest news and we are both very happy that our wait is finally over. I want to thank you and your firm for your assistance in helping us be together.we are looking forward to a lifetime together and we have you and your firm to thank for helping us to make this a reality.


Robert (TX) and Anamaria (Romania)


Thank you for calling Ana on the holiday. That goes above and beyond.


David (CA) and Ala (Belarus)


Just one word: SUCCESS! and furthermore, THANKYOU, for a job well done,from the bottom of my heart, to Irina, Michael, and the rest of the crew!


Jimmie (AL) and Iryna (Russia)


Irina [last name deleted] received her fiancee visa on 10/7/03. She indicated Ludmila [paralegal assistant in Moscow] was very helpful in preparing her for the interview in Moscow.


Steven (NH) and Julia (Russia)


Dear Mr. Roth,


Thank you for all your help with Julia. I appreciate you taking the time to call her on a weekend. I will pass the [interview] date on to her as quickly as possible. Thank you.


Ron (FL) and Jesielou (Philippines)


Hey just to let you guys know jesie recieved her visa 12-1-03 thanks again for all the help if anyone i know ever needs a immigration lawyer i will recommend you.


Galina D.


Dear John,


I am Lynn Grant, you brought my fiancée, Galina, here to me in 2001, right after the attack on New York. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary September 27th, and look forward to many more. We are extremely happy, and thanks to you everything went very well. Galina will get her citizenship in the fall of 2006, and then we want to bring our daughter, and her husband here. Will you handle this for us. We trust you, and know that if you handle it all will be well.


Hope all is well for you.




Lynn, and Galina Grant


Volha S.


Thank you very much for your assistance.It was well worth the money.


Anis A.


… thank you very much for all your help, couldnt have done it by myself. I will be in touch with you for more help with the rest of the process after we get married. Thanks again!!


Maciej (CA) & Joanna (Poland)


Thank you all very much for your hard work. It is always a pleasure to work with such competent, well mannered, and responsive people.


David (TN) and Elena (Moldova)


Mr. Roth,


Thank you, and your staff has been very professional, as well as very helpful.


Norman (PA) and Nataliya (Ukraine)


Greetings Mr. Roth, Thank you very kindly for the K1 visa document package. It is very comprehensive and a great insight into how incredibly complex this process is. I am traveling to Ukraine at the end of April with Scott Weigand’s service. Upon my return, I hope to be able to return to you the retainer contract signed and the retainer fee enclosed. From the extensive nature of your document package and Mr. Weigand’s testimonial to your firm, I am totally convinced that you are the only choice to represent us in our trip down “INS lane” ! Thank you again very much, and I will be contacting you very shortly.


Robert (IA) and Svetlana (Russia)


Thank you for your excellent service,


Doug (NC) and Natalia (Russia)


Ok, that is great John. Thanks again for your help. Natalia also said Julia was very helpful and thank Michael again. He has been very helpful as well.


Gerald (NJ ) and Marina (Ukraine)


The news you bring me makes my heart smile! Thank you for all that you do for Marina and I. We are eagerly looking forward to our long awaited reunion. Keep up the outstanding work


George (PA) and Tatiana (Russia)


Mr Roth; thank you for you attention and excellent service. I am very pleased that I hired your firm. I have recieved very prompt attention to my application for a k1 visa.


James (TX) and Olga (Ukraine)


…thank you for your rapid responses. It is greatly appreciated.


Cory (PA) and Ann (France)


Thank you all for your help in this visa. The best thing we’ve done is discover your Web site. Thanks again.


Barry (NV) and Svetlana (Russia)


Thanks for your speedy service on my case if you are ever in las vegas please call me to say hi i would love to take you or any of your staff to dinner. I will recommend your services to other friends interested in the future.


Richard (TX) and Daria (Russia)


YOU guys have been so great to us!


Anonymous – Message [to bulletin board]:


I didn’t use John for my immigration application, but I’ve heard nothing but “great” things about him. …. John personally travelled to Moscow, and met with the Unit Chief. I’ve talked to other individuals, whose Attorney’s have sat on their ass, waiting for this mess, to clear itself up. John Roth is at least pro-active, and cares enough about his business, to take an active role in the current problem.


George Redden – Message [to bulletin board]




Darrell (MO) and Anna (Russia)


John I just want to tell you thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and the others [during 2002 “visa freeze”].


Bob (NC) and Olga (Russia)


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and from Olenkas because now we will be able to be together for Christmas and the coming New Year!!!!!!!! Thank you to you and Michael and all your staff for everything again I really do appreciate it so very much.


Joe (NY) and Nadya (Russia)


John, Thank You very much! We received the good news yesterday. We know you and your staff worked very hard on our case and could not have done it with out you. Please know that you have made Nadya our new family and I very very happy. Again, Thank You Very Much.


Tom (NY) and Svitlana (Ukraine)


Hi John, Wish to thank you and your staff for your good work. Svetlana’s interview went smoothly and she has her visa. Hope to bring her to the USA the beginning of April. Will probably need more help and advice in the future,so will keep in touch,but for now I wish to thank you so much for making this go so smoothly and quickly.


Skip (WI) and Valentina (Ukraine)


Just a short note to express Valentina’s and my pleasure and relief that we chose your firm. Sincerely, Skip


Mike (CA) and Fu (China)


Thank you very much for your excellent service.


Dave (AZ) and Tetyana (Ukraine)


Thank You very much for quickly preparing and sending the forms to the BCIS. That is great news!


Christopher (TX) and Larisa (Russia)


Thanks for Outstanding Legal Work.


John (CA) and Iryna (Ukraine)


Dear Mr. Roth,


Thank you for your prompt response and hurried execution of the petition.


Skip (WI) and Valya (Ukraine)


Thank you for easing much of our concern–not having to worry about document accuracy and relieving Valentina’s nervousness about the interview are much appreciated.


Alla T.




my wife and her son who i have just recently adopted arrived here in the united states on december 16, 2003. the visa is scheduled to expire on December 15, 2005. please tell me what is the process for renewing this document. tatyana plans to apply for citizenship in another six months which will then be fully completed at the end of three years.


please also note that everything is wonderful and i shall be forever grateful to your office for making all of this happen.


thank you



Gloria S.




Once again, I wanted to let you know we were successful in getting the visa. And in case I forget to ask later, we both want to know what we do next (besides getting married!) to make sure Patricia gets her U.S. status upgraded.


Thanks again for your help, and let us know what happens next.




Doug (NC) and Oksana (Ukraine)


Thanx for the update, it seems you are right on top of things and it is appreciated.


Jay (AL) and Darya (Russia)


Thank you all for giving me the confidence that everything will be OK and Darya will join me soon.


Kenneth (VA) and Olga (Ukraine)


Thank you for the quick turnaround on filing the petition.


James (OK) and Elena (Russia)


Thank you all very much for you assistance. Olga and I appreciate the attention and prompt action you have given to our case.


Brian (MN) and Svitlana (Ukraine)


You all did a fantastic job!


Hazel (FL) and Ajay (India)


I wanted to e-mail you to say thank you so much for all you have done. There are many attorneys in this world but you seem to be one of the best. You have always tried to help me and was there when I needed questions answered.


Ben (NC) and Victoria (Russia)


Great, I talked to Victoria and she told me she had received your package, and that [your assistant] had been in touch with her. We are both very satisfied and extremely excited. Thanks for doing such a great job.


Jason (VA) and Alevtina (Russia)


I want to thank you so much for your work on our case, it truly made such a difference.


Mark (PA) and Irina (Russia)


Many thanks. I appreciate the communication and professionalism.


David (WA) and Svitlana (Ukraine)


You guys do great work. Thank you again!


Chris Z. (CO) & Karen (Malaysia)


Based solely upon your reputation, I will probably be requesting your assistance. The NY State Bar Association spoke very highly of your work.


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